The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid offers the benefits of an electric car, with the freedom of a hybrid. It uses a high-capacity battery for longer all-electric driving and, like a traditional hybrid, uses a gas-powered engine as back up for when electricity runs low:

  • All-electric daily driver. With the class-leading* 47-mile all-electric range rating[[Invalid disclaimer token]], many daily trips can be made on battery power alone.
  • Gas for distance. For longer trips, when the electric battery runs out, the gas-powered engine takes over to provide additional driving range, yielding the 340-mile combined gas and electric range rating[[Invalid disclaimer token]].
  • Convenient charging. Plug in to electric outlets at home, work or any of the thousands of electric charging stations throughout the nation.
While pure electric vehicles replace the fuel tank with only a battery, the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid combines the best of both worlds—including the ability to use the gas engine, and its unique features:
  • Choose drive mode. Normal, ECON and Sport modes personalize how you use the engine and the battery.
  • Recharge while driving. HV Mode uses the gas engine and one of the electric motors to help recharge the battery while cruising. Additionally, regenerative braking recharges the battery every time the accelerator is lifted and each time the brakes are applied.
  • Drive on gas or electric. Use the gas-powered engine, battery-powered electricity or a combination of both.